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Water Tanks

For those of you who want to store more water than the average water butt, a water tank is ideal. Rainwater tanks generally store from 700l up to a massive 6000l+and come in all shapes and sizes but are often made from plastic which helps make them portable.

Some water storage tanks are sited above ground, where others can be buried underground and used in combination with a water pump.

Below you will find plastic water tanks, underground water tanks and rainwater tanks.

Rainsaver Water Butt Kit

Rainsaver Water Butt Kit

The Blackwall Rainsaver Water Butt Kit is one of the most popular water butts on the market. Made from recycled plastic and guaranteed for 10 years. The rainsaver water butt has a rigid design and comes with a rain diverter and universal water butt stand. Price if bought seperately £63 Dimensions:
Height with stand 1240mm (49")
Diameter 650mm (26")
Capacity: 190l
ONLY £ 48.95
Buy the Rainsaver Water Butt Kit
Giant Water Storage Tank 700l

Giant Water Storage Tank 700l

This giant water tank is simple to install and maintain. The tap outlet means you can fill your watering can or attach your hosepipe directly to the fitting for access to 700 litres of rainwater. The moulded through window and inset ribs keep this tank strong and robust. The moulded handles allow easy lifting when empty. Rain diverter kit included.

Dimensions: w 1500mm (59") d 650mm (25.5") h 978mm (38.5") Tap outlet: 340mm (13") from the ground
ONLY £ 330.00
Buy the Giant Water Storage Tank 700l
Rain Harvesting Tank - 1200l

Rain Harvesting Tank - 1200l

The largest tank in the evengreener range offers unbeatable value. The large capacity is achieved with a depth of only 800mm, the unique design is both distinctive and practical and includes twin secure lids. A tap and free rain diverter are included. Moulded in tough polyethylene this product will give years of service.

Product Capacity: 1200 litres

Product Dimensions: l 1650mm w 800mm (24") h 1550mm (64")
ONLY £ 450.00
Buy the Rain Harvesting Tank - 1200l
Oak 220L Polytank

Oak 220L Polytank

Made in the UK!  The polytank holds an impressive 220L of water and has an oak, woodgrain finish that is perfect for the country garden.
ONLY £ 77.00
Buy the Oak 220L Polytank
Harcostar 700l Rainwater Tank

Harcostar 700l Rainwater Tank

Please note this item has been discontinued but I might be able to find one or two that are still available. Please contact me.

Collect and store 700 litres (150 gallons) in this rain water tank. Made from tough reinforced plastic, it measures 65x150x85cm high and includes a tap and screw-on cap.

At the back of the water butt, about 5cm (2in) from the top, there is a hole for a rain trap connection pipe.

There is also a hole at the bottom on this particular model, just below the tap, which allows the tap to be moved to different positions depending on whether you have it on a stand or on the ground. Extra plugs are provided to block up any unwanted holes.

This water butt comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

ONLY £ 249.99
Buy the Harcostar 700l Rainwater Tank
George and the Dragon 277L Water Tank

George and the Dragon 277L Water Tank

For those wanting something more traditional, this faux-lead water tank is ideal.  It's made from fibreglass resin which is hard to tell apart from the real thing. 
ONLY £ 369.99
Buy the George and the Dragon 277L Water Tank